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R&D Center

LAYUN KOREA‘s company-affiliated research institute focuses on the value of contributing to humanity’s well-being and carries out R&D based on one of the company‘s main values, Liplus+.
As the life expectancy has increased due to the development of medical technology, interest in anti-aging is increasing, leading to rapid development in related industries. As people pursue to live healthier, more beautiful, and happier lives, we are carrying out R&D to make healthy anti-aging come true.

Beauty life+

LAYUN KOREA is developing scar treatment and suture products using biodegradable materials and manufacturing techniques used for making medical devices it has accumulated so far. In addition, we are continuously making efforts to develop medical devices with excellent functionality and high added value by expanding their use to the plastic surgery market. We are analyzing and developing processes to improve the safety and performance of minimally invasive treatments for beauty such as contour thread lifting and contour injection products.

Healthy life+

Recently, due to concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for faster and more accurate diagnostic devices is growing worldwide. LAYUN KOREA's company-affiliated research institute will develop the best products with researchers equipped with core technologies in each field, including bio, nano, licensing and analysis.

Silver life+

Recently, the number of patients with degenerative arthritis has increased regardless of age or gender. The problem is exacerbating as the number of the elderly in particular increases due to the global aging population. LAYUN KOREA is developing a product to improve degenerative arthritis for a healthy life in one's latter years.

  • 2019.12

  • Hyaluronic acid-dextran containing natural extracts used for fillers to recover tissue (the Ministry of SMEs and Startups) - ongoing

  • 2019.10

  • Development of a Tsutsugamushi IgG/IgM multi-diagnosis kit using multicolored nanoparticles (the Ministry of SMEs and Startups) - ongoing

  • 2019.09

  • Development of suture for antibacterial lifting treatment using AgNPs-PLLA/PCL coating agent (the Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  • 2017.12

  • Hyperpure medical poly (L-Lactic acid) polymer coating agent (collaboration of the Korea Polymer Testing and Research Institute and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  • 2017.09

  • Performing the national task of developing the multiplex fast diagnosis kit for STDs using multicolored nanoparticles (the Ministry of SMEs and Startups)